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Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

Okapi launches
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African lavish way of life model, Okapi, is propelling The Karoo Assortment, their first great adornments line, this September.

The pristine collection utilizes the model’s mark Springbok horn, an African supernatural fascination accepted to convey good karma to those that put on it, as the dream for the fluctuate.

Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

African lavish way of life brand, Okapi, which has turned out to be outstanding for its cowhide packs, has propelled its first fine gems line, utilizing the brand’s mark Springbok horn.

Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

The Karoo Collection highlights dark Springbok horn studs and neckbands, each enhanced in various valuable and semi-valuable stones, including turquoise, cognac and dark jewels just as orange and blue sapphire and blue topaz.

The springbok horn, an African magic appeal accepted to carry good karma to the individuals who wear it, have been set up by hand and cleaned by neighborhood craftsmans in the Karoo area. As each horn is exceptional, the equipment on the horn must be exclusively created to fit each piece.

Okapi’s development into adornments likewise proceeds with their responsibility to supportability utilizing materials produced exclusively from the current unfenced cultivating industry in South Africa, and the utilization of the springbok horns into its gems implies the things aren’t ignored as waste, rather utilizing it implies they are making maintainable employments on the African landmass.

The extravagance brand is firmly guided by the African way of thinking of Ubuntu, ‘I am on the grounds that we are.’ This implies they endeavor to fuse social upliftment into the creation rehearses – working intimately with moderates, fourth-age cowhide skilled workers, and high quality metal laborers. This has helped Okapi make cozy associations with the cultivating and craftsman networks to give total straightforwardness and guarantee that their regular materials are 100 percent discernible, moral and reasonably sourced.

fine jewellery collection

The Karoo Collection is accessible solely at Okapi and valued from 2,600 pounds.

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